The View co-host Joy Behar tried her hand at renaming Fox News today. Among her suggested names was "QAnon News."

Chris Wallace’s exit from Fox News was the topic of discussion as co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked what would become of the cable news network without Wallace. Behar interjected, “You mean QAnon News.” She laughingly added, “Just call it Trump News.”

The audience applauded.

Sunny Hostin added her own suggestion. “Does it become the Tucker Carlson Fake News Network?” she asked.

The co-hosts questioned where Fox viewers would get "straight news" after Wallace's departure. Behar went as far as to say that Fox Corp.’s Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch are complicit in destroying America.

Chris Wallace left Fox News Sunday and will join CNN+.

"I want to try something new, to go beyond politics, to all the things I'm interested in," Wallace said. "I'm ready for a new adventure, and I hope you'll check it out."


QAnon is a right-wing online movement that originated on 4chan message boards in October 2017 with posts by an anonymous person going by “Q” who claimed to be a government official with top-secret intelligence clearance. The user made a variety of generally evidence-free "bread crumb" claims about Trump covertly battling a series of "deep state" plots and global conspiracies, including an alleged ring of sex traffickers that included Democratic politicians, business leaders, and Hollywood elites.