Actress Amber Heard's sister Whitney Henriquez took the stand on Wednesday in the $50 million defamation suit between Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Henriquez is the first and only witness to testify that she saw Depp strike Heard.

Heard previously testified about an incident involving her sister, which resulted in her hitting Depp for the first time. Henriquez shared her side of the story, claiming it began when she and Depp's nurse, Debbie Lloyd, were attempting to separate the two during a fight.


Depp allegedly threw a Red Bull energy drink can at Lloyd from the first floor while the three women were on the mezzanine. While Henriquez testified she saw it happen, she said Lloyd did not react to the can. Lloyd did not testify to ever having been assaulted by Depp. Instead, she revealed the pet names he used to call her.

Then, Depp allegedly hit Henriquez in the back. Heard returned a blow to Depp, only to have him allegedly grab her by the hair and hit her repeatedly in the face. Henriquez wasn't injured, nor did she seek medical attention.

Afterward, Henriquez took photos of the scene that showed toppled clothing racks. She claimed to have sent them to the housekeeper so he would be aware of the mess. Heard did not have her picture taken that day.

Henriquez claimed she found a nondisclosure agreement the next day on the kitchen counter of the penthouse suite she lived in that Depp paid for. She did not sign it and moved out instead.

Depp allegedly called Heard names, such as "f***ing c***," "slimy whore," and "used trash bag" in front of Henriquez. She testified that the longer Heard was with Depp, the actress changed like "a slow-motion gunshot," becoming less "funny" and "gregarious" and looking increasingly "emaciated" at about 110 pounds.

"Her style over time has become more conservative," Henriquez pointed out, explaining that her sister began using the same stylist as Depp.

"I would occasionally see bruising, cut lips, split lips, weird marks, burns," Henriquez said. She clarified that she was only privy to the fight involving Lloyd. On another occasion, she claimed she saw Depp pick up a steak knife and throw it at his assistant.

Henriquez then addressed the effect the accusations of fabricating domestic abuse allegations had on Heard.

"She cried a lot," Henriquez said, citing panic attacks and sleep deprivation.

When it came time for her cross-examination, Depp's legal team presented Henriquez with a text she sent Depp long after the incident when he allegedly hit her.

"I would f***ing stay out of it if I thought this s*** were past the point of no return, but that's not where you guys are right now," Henriquez wrote Depp, who she affectionately called "brother."

Raquel "Rocky" Pennington's deposition continued on Wednesday, as she was the photographer behind many images documenting abuse. Pennington captured the broken bed, Heard's scalp missing hair, the bruises and redness on her face, and the notorious photo Heard took outside the courtroom while filing for a temporary restraining order from Depp.

In the January 2022 deposition, she claimed she was no longer friends with Heard — only acquaintances.

Pennington further claimed she was with Heard the day before her appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden and said her face was red and swollen. Pennington stayed the night with her out of fear that Heard had a concussion. When she was shown a photo of Amber with bruises under her eyes the next day, she described it as an accurate depiction of what she looked like at the time.

Heard also put makeup over her bruises while in Pennington's presence, she said. When police arrived at the couple's penthouse suite on May 21, 2016, Pennington was also present.

Josh Drew, Pennington's ex-husband, also had his deposition shown in court. He lived with Pennington in Depp's penthouse beginning at the end of 2015. In 2016, Drew escorted police through the apartment to observe the scene.

Both testified they had never seen Depp hit Heard nor any other woman.

Drew said he saw and cleaned dog feces from the couple's penthouse suite, as he was their neighbor down the hall at the time. His testimony was in reference to the feces found on Depp's side of the bed, shown in court earlier.

"I've cleaned up my fair share in that apartment," Drew said. "There was pee and poop on everything."


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