Amber Heard took the stand on Thursday to talk about the fight that led to her then-husband Johnny Depp losing part of his finger.

Heard said it was the same night Depp sexually assaulted her with a bottle, which her lawyer alluded to in her opening statement of Depp's $50 million defamation suit against her.

Depp had reportedly promised to pursue sobriety, but an argument ensued when the pair met up in Australia in February 2015 shortly after getting married because Depp suggested the two use MDMA together. Heard saw Depp take a "big swig of a wine bottle."


Earlier, Depp testified that the fight began when Heard confronted him over a post-nuptial agreement, after many failed discussions regarding a prenuptial agreement. On Thursday, Heard claimed she was the one to initiate a post-nuptial agreement and had never discussed a prenuptial with Depp. Heard also cited this post-nuptial agreement as a catalyst in the fight.

Heard found Depp at the bar of the rented home in Australia, drinking a liquor she did not recognize. Depp would go on to throw a bottle at her, then throw several bottles of beer and hold a broken bottle to her face, according to the actress.

"I don't know how it happened," Heard said. "I honestly don't remember if I threw anything in his direction. I don't think I did."

Her ex-husband testified earlier that Heard had thrown two bottles at him: one bottle of vodka that missed and another handle of vodka that made contact with his hand, severing part of his middle finger.

"Forgive me. I wish I could remember the sequence," Heard said.

Heard said her nightgown had been "ripped off" of her, yet the fight continued while she was naked. All the while, Depp told her, "I f***ing hate you," she said.

"I'm looking in his eyes, and I couldn't see him anymore," Heard said. "It was black."

In telling the story, Heard started to sob and breathe heavily.

"I don't want to do this," Heard said between sobs.

During the fight, Heard testified Depp inserted a bottle into her when she was on the countertop of the bar. She claimed she only felt pressure and wasn't hurt, so she assumed Depp wasn't using one of the many broken bottles from the fight. Heard would later note blood, however.

"I don't know how that night ended," Heard said.

Security guard Malcolm Connolly also testified earlier in the trial, saying he was there the night of the fight.

"F*** off, you f***ing coward — with your f***ing boys like you always do," Connolly remembered Heard saying as he escorted Depp to the hospital. He described Heard as being "crazy" when he arrived on the scene. The security guard could not remember what Heard was wearing at the time when questioned.

When presented with photos of the scene, Heard claimed the room where the fight occurred had been cleaned up before the photo was taken.

"Yes, it was awful at times, but I loved him," Heard said of her relationship with Depp. "I thought we'd get married and have stability, safety."

At the end of her testimony, just before the afternoon break, Depp appeared to walk toward Heard as she stepped off the stand. A bailiff stepped in between the two to keep them apart.

Heard admitted to hitting Depp for the first time after they were married while Depp was recovering from losing part of his middle finger. She hit him after he'd hit her with his hand while it was still in a cast, she said. Whitney Heard and security guards got in between the two.

On Thursday, the court saw photos of Heard, taken after a fight with Depp, according to Heard. Her face is bruised, and her lips are swollen and cut. Photos of Heard's scalp also show a small bald spot where her hair had been pulled out.

Heard claimed that in December 2015, her makeup team covered the bruises and lip injury ahead of an appearance she made on the Late Late Show with James Corden. The actress claimed to have "no other choice" as she was sent to promote her latest film, The Danish Girl.


Due to a judicial conference, Depp's trial against Heard will be in recess next week and will resume on May 16. Judge Penney Azcarate told both Heard and Depp's lawyers to anticipate giving their closing statements on May 27, the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. In order to finish by that time, the trial will continue an hour earlier every day than it has been from the beginning.

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