Actress Amber Heard claimed on Tuesday that ex-husband Johnny Depp has refused to look at her throughout the defamation trial out of guilt for his past abuse.

"He's guilty," Heard said. "He knows he's lying."

"Otherwise, why can't he look at me? I survived that man, and I'm here, and I'm able to look at him."


Depp swore to Heard in a recorded conversation that she would never see his eyes again after their divorce. The actor also refused to look at his ex-wife during his 2020 defamation suit against the Sun, a U.K. publication that called him a "wife-beater."

Amber Heard completed her testimony on Tuesday, at one point confirming that she'd been "released" from her contract in an Aquaman sequel. She explained her part in the project had been reduced, and she didn't know if she would appear in the final cut.

The actress, who claimed the film series was only her second leading role in a film of its stature, admitted DC Films "released me from my contract." Heard said this was a direct result of a "smear campaign" after her public accusations of abuse against Depp, a reason behind her $100 million countersuit.

Meanwhile, the actress's contract with L'Oreal was "extended," according to Heard. She said the extension was because the company couldn't use prior materials featuring her due to the negative media attention.

Later, Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez asked Heard if she altered her drug use to support the actor and his struggle. The actress confirmed that she continued to drink and do drugs but only did drugs with her then-husband twice in their relationship.

A video of Heard being deposed in 2016 was then played for the jury. "I can't promise I won't get physical again," Heard listens to herself say in a recording during the deposition.

As the audio plays, Heard is seen laughing, smiling, and rolling her eyes. Vasquez pointed out her reaction to the jury.

"I'm doing my best to not show my pain," Heard explained during a redirect by her team.

"I never assaulted Mr. Depp or anyone else that I've been romantically linked to — ever," Heard went on to say.

Later, the deposition of a mutual friend, iO Tillett Wright, was played for the jury. Wright claimed he was Heard's best man at the wedding. He testified that Depp made a joke about domestic violence on the wedding day.

"We're married, now I can punch her in the face, and nobody can do anything about it," Depp allegedly told Wright.

Wright went on to testify that he never saw Depp nor Heard become violent with each other. However, while on speakerphone with Heard, Wright claimed to have heard what he believed was the start of a fight. As a result, Wright called a neighbor, Raquel "Rocky" Pennington, and 911.

Pennington similarly testified in a remote deposition that she never saw the couple become violent but once saw an overturned lampshade in a trailer the couple was occupying.


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