For the first time, and in response to the annual liberal Pulitzer Prize backslapping, conservative media giants, news innovators, and investigative reporters are getting their day with the unveiling of the “Bulldog Award.”

One day after Pulitzers were awarded to the usual suspects for coverage of stories driving the Left’s agenda, including the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, the Media Research Center today revealed its winners for the Bulldogs.

The six: Radio Hall of Fame’s Mark Levin, podcaster Dan Bongino, the New York Post’s Miranda Devine, Daily Wire investigative journalist Luke Rosiak, the Reload founder Stephen Gutowski, and the Washington Free Beacon’s Drew Holden.

The Media Research Center, the Right’s watchdog on the Left's media, said the awards were timed for the release this week of the Pulitzers. It was the first time the group gave out similar prizes. Typically, it focuses on presenting mocking awards to examples of outrageous examples of liberal media statements.

Center President Brent Bozell said of the first inductees, “Their impactful work is trusted and respected by Americans nationwide, unlike the work of the left-wing operatives that call themselves ‘journalists.’ As the liberal media celebrate themselves with Pulitzers, we wanted to shine a light on the real journalists who are greatly dedicated to informing the American public on stories the legacy media ignores.”

Levin Bulldog Award[30].jpeg

Levin, the best-known and most widely heard winner of the 2022 Bulldogs, told Secrets, “Brent and MRC are fantastic. They’re the gold standard for integrity and do an enormous public service. I am deeply honored by this award.”

In the award for "outstanding talk show host," Levin, a regular New York Times bestseller who hosts a nightly national radio show and Fox News show, was praised for his “lessons on the proper limited role of government and excesses of liberalism in damaging what makes America great.”

Bongino, a popular radio host and podcaster whose Bongino Report is also a go-to source for news that liberal sites ignore, was cited for his take-no-prisoners style in winning the “outstanding podcast” category: “His fierce approach holds liberals to account as he espouses a solid conservative interpretation of what is right and wrong in Washington, D.C., Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and their vitriol toward supporters of former President Donald Trump.”

Devine, who won the “outstanding columnist” category, has lately been breaking stories on Hunter Biden’s computer. MRC said she “has established herself as one of America’s most-trusted commentators on U.S. and foreign policy, especially on China, the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on individual rights, liberal hypocrisy, and, most notably, Hunter Biden’s life of corruption.”

Rosiak, the winner of the “outstanding investigative journalist” award, was cited for his coverage of the Loudoun County, Virginia, school board scandals.

Gutowski won “outstanding blogger” for his Second Amendment coverage on his new website the Reload.

And Holden won as “outstanding social media personality” for exposing “liberal hypocrisy on issues ranging from the double standard on female Supreme Court nominees to the COVID lab leak theory to presidential fitness.”