Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is set to announce her support Friday for eliminating the filibuster, a change that would allow the party in control of the Senate to pass legislation with only a simple majority.

The 2020 presidential candidate is expected to make the announcement for ending the 60-vote threshold at the National Action Network.

"I’m not running for President just to talk about making real, structural change. I’m serious about getting it done. And part of getting it done means waking up to the reality of the United States Senate," Warren is expected to say. "So let me be as clear as I can. When Democrats next have power, we should be bold and clear: we’re done with two sets of rules — one for the Republicans and one for the Democrats.”

"That means when Democrats have the White House again, if Mitch McConnell tries to do what he did to President Obama, and puts small-minded partisanship ahead of solving the massive problems facing this country, then we should get rid of the filibuster.”

The minority party has used the filibuster to delay or block legislation they oppose.

Democrats have 47 seats in the Senate and are unlikely to expand their control to 60 seats in the 2020 election, which means policies supported only by Democrats are unlikely to pass in the Senate unless the filibuster is eliminated.

"For generations, the filibuster was used as a tool to block progress on racial justice. And in recent years, it’s been used by the far right as a tool to block progress on everything," Warren will say. "I’ve only served one term in the Senate — but I’ve seen what’s happening. We all saw what they did to President Obama. I’ve watched Republicans abuse the rules when they’re out of power, then turn around and blow off the rules when they’re in power."