U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Smiley was wounded in an attack that took place in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan on Thursday.

Navy Cmdr. Grant Neeley, a spokesperson for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization-led Resolute Support mission, confirmed to CNN on Sunday that Smiley had received at least one gunshot wound.

Smiley, who oversees NATO military advisory mission in southern Afghanistan, still maintains charge of his command following the attack, for which the Taliban has claimed responsibility.

The NATO-led coalition had previously identified two Americans wounded in the attack as a military service member and a civilian government employee. The police chief of the Kandahar province and another Afghan official were killed in the attack.

On Saturday, Gen. Joseph Votel told the Associated Press that the U.S. was "pretty confident that the Afghans will be able to maintain the situation down" in Kandahar.

"My assessment is the Afghans are resilient to this," Votel said. "I don't consider it to be something that will change the security situation."

The attack came just before Saturday's parliamentary elections in the region. The Taliban have pledged to disrupt the electoral process, alleging that the elections — already three years overdue — are a being manipulated by the U.S.