A Michigan man who pleaded guilty to assaulting President Trump fans with water balloons said he'll bring more balloons to the next event.

Robert Truax, Jr., 20, was arrested for throwing two water balloons at Trump supporters outside the Trump campaign rally on Mar. 28 in downtown Grand Rapids, Mich.

But Truax said he is unfazed by the misdemeanor.

“Try to get three water balloons out this time. I only got out two," he said in court Thursday.

Grand Rapids police Sgt. Cathy Williams said that the water balloons thrown at the Trump supporters near the venue could have resulted in a panic situation among the crowd. According the local law, a disturbance in a public place such as the downtown arena could result in a 90-day jail sentence.

“Even though in this gentleman’s mind it might seem as if it was harmless, it certainly can get someone injured,’’ Williams told Grand Rapids ABC affiliate WZZM. “And we’re not going to allow that to happen.’’

“It wasn’t going to be long before he was spotted and we moved in quickly to arrest him and remove him from that crowd."

Truax told officials that he threw the balloons in the name of all Trump's critics.

"Actions are going to be louder than words these days," he said.

The event was the first Trump rally after Attorney General Bill Barr released a summary of the Mueller report, which exonerated Trump and his associates from the Russia collusion allegations. At the rally, Trump called the allegations "the greatest hoax in the history of our country" in the hour and 20 minute speech.