Two Democrats running for office — one in Georgia and the other in Texas — are doing so from behind bars.

Steve Foster of Georgia and state Rep. Ron Reynolds of Texas are convicted criminals, but that's not stopping them from pursuing a new career or continuing one in politics.

Foster, a former doctor, was arrested Sept. 23, 2017, for driving under the influence. Dash camera video from the police officer's car showed Foster yelled, "I hate this county," during the arrest in Whitfield County, according to a local report. Now, he's running to represent that county and surrounding ones in Congress.

He filed his paperwork to run against incumbent Rep. Tom Graves, R-Ga., in March of this year. Over the summer, he was convicted and sentenced to six months in county jail.

“Look, I’m not withdrawing,” Foster recently told the Associated Press.

His campaign website is down, but he has not withdrawn from the race. A victory over Graves is unlikely. The last time Graves had a Democratic challenger was 2012, when the district was redrawn. Graves won with 73 percent of the vote.

The other Democrat running for office from a jail cell is a disbarred personal injury lawyer from Missouri City, Mo.

Reynolds was convicted in 2015 on multiple misdemeanor charges for illegally soliciting clients to his law practice. He had been sentenced to one year in jail then released on an appellate bond. His appeal was recently rejected last month, sending him back to jail ahead of Election Day.

Reynolds is a sitting Texas state representative running for another term and is not being challenged. State law does not require him to drop out due to a misdemeanor conviction.

However, if he were to win in November, he would likely still be in jail come January when the new session commences.

“Rep. Reynolds has full confidence that his experienced staff will be able to handle any immediate needs of his constituents, during his 4-6 month absence,” according to a statement from Reynolds, reported by the Texas Tribune.

Reynolds also boasts the support of Rep. Beto O'Rourke, a Democrat challenging Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

In addition to the two Democrats, Republican Rep. Chris Collins of New York is also running for office despite being under indictment on insider trading charges. He pleaded not guilty, made his $500,000 bail, and is free for the time being.