President Trump and first lady Melania Trump hosted a Halloween event Sunday at the White House.

The pair walked out of the decorated South Portico together. Melania, who held a basket in her left hand, handed out candy to costumed kids who walked by.

The children participating in the event were largely from local schools and military families.

The Trumps held their first trick-or-treat event at the White House last year, during which they met one child dressed up as Melania Trump herself.

Among the costumes spotted this year on the South Lawn were Wonder Woman and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the "Ghostbusters" movies.

The U.S. Air Force Band, the Rolling Strings, played "Harry Potter," "Phantom of the Opera," and the "Adams Family," among "other spooky tunes," according to one White House press pool report.

The Trumps handed out “commemorative candy,” including Hershey’s chocolate bars and Twizzlers in special boxes designed with the president's signature," said another pool report.

Among the displays set up were a moon carpet from NASA, a robotics display from the First Lego Robotics League from the Education Department, a tractor from the Agriculture Department, and ambulance courtesy of the Health and Human Services Department.