President Trump would not say outright if Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ job is secure.

“Is he going to stay in that position?” Fox Business reporter Trish Regan asked Trump in an interview that aired Tuesday.

“I'm not going to tell you that, we’ll see what happens. But I think it was a disgrace,” he said, referring to Sessions' recusing himself from the Russia investigation last year.

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Trump has gone back and forth between defending Sessions and threatening his job security since Sessions' recusal, and on Tuesday he refused to comment one way or the other. He maintains that he would not have offered Sessions the position of attorney general if he knew Sessions was going to recuse himself.

The president said even people he considers his “enemies” have said that Sessions recusing himself was a “disgrace.”

“My enemies — people that are on the other side — said for him to have taken the job and immediately recused himself is a disgrace. They say, ‘Trump is right about that,’” Trump said.