President Trump said Tuesday that he is showing his commitment to school safety by providing “historic levels of funding” directed toward stopping violence in schools.

“Today, my Administration provided HISTORIC levels of funding to improve school safety through STOP School Violence grants – a top priority for @sandyhook,” Trump tweeted Tuesday night. “I am committed to keeping our children SAFE in their schools!”

The Justice Department announced more than $70 million in grants aimed at improving safety in schools Tuesday through the grant program. The Student, Teachers, and Officers Preventing School Violence Act was signed into law in mid-June and aims to train students on how to identify and help prevent school violence before a weapon is ever brought into the school.

The act hinges on that the vast majority of school shooters have told someone about their plans before carrying it out.

“When our students and educators are trained in how to identify signs of gun violence and to intervene... they can prevent tragedies in their communities and save lives,” the law states.