President Trump declared Wednesday that the Democratic Party is no longer a centrist party, and instead is one that is being pulled toward radical socialism.

“The truth is that the centrist Democratic Party is dead,” Trump said in a rare opinion piece published in USA Today Wednesday morning. “The new Democrats are radical socialists who want to model America’s economy after Venezuela.”

“If Democrats win control of Congress this November, we will come dangerously closer to socialism in America,” Trump said, adding that socialism would bring “suffering, misery, and decay" just as it has in Venezuela.

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Trump argued that Democrat’s plan for government-run healthcare would be detrimental to senior citizens. Older voters are more likely to support Trump than millennials and younger generations.

Older Americans are also more likely to turn out to vote than younger people.

“In practice, the Democratic Party’s so-called Medicare for All would really be Medicare for None,” Trump said. “The Democrats' plan also would mean the end of choice for seniors over their own health care decisions. Instead, Democrats would give total power and control over seniors’ health care decisions to the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.”

But he said Democrats want to socialize more than just medicine.

"Government-run health care is just the beginning," he wrote. "Democrats are also pushing massive government control of education, private-sector businesses and other major sectors of the U.S. economy."

"Today’s Democratic Party is for open-borders socialism," Trump wrote. "This radical agenda would destroy American prosperity. Under its vision, costs will spiral out of control. Taxes will skyrocket. And Democrats will seek to slash budgets for seniors’ Medicare, Social Security and defense."