President Trump said Friday that Democrats should change the name of their political party because it should really be known as the "Democrat Party," which doesn't sound as good as their preferred "Democratic Party."

"You notice I never say the Democratic Party. You know the word is Democrat," Trump said at the Young Black Leadership summit at the White House.

"But when you say Democratic, it's much nicer sounding, right? They should change their name, actually, but I'm not going to tell them that," Trump said as the crowd laughed.

"But they say the Democratic Party. It's not. ... It's called the Democrat Party," Trump insisted. "It doesn't sound good, right?"

Democrats have said for years that Republicans try to put them down by saying they're members of the "Democrat Party," which some see as a way of saying the party doesn't deserve the name "democratic."

The name has tripped up several Republicans over the years, and Trump said he hates trying to keep it straight.

"I hate it," Trump said. "I hate to say, you know, you're making a speech and then you say the Democrat Party, and a lot of people say, 'Oh, it should be the Democratic [Party] because it sounds so much better."

"They should actually change the name. I'm giving them free advice. Change the name, because we'll still beat them, their policies are no good, so it doesn't matter," Trump said as the crowd cheered.