President Trump won applause from members of the Young Black Leadership Summit on Friday when he insisted his "America First" campaign and governing slogan isn't racist.

"I heard this one a couple weeks, I said, give me a break. They said, 'America First, that could be racist.' I said, racist? Racist? Why is that racist?" Trump asked members of the summit during his White House remarks. Trump then polled the room of young black conservative leaders to see if they thought the slogan was racist.

“Here we are, I think does everyone in this room agree? You’re living in America. America First, right? Racist?” Trump asked. The audience indicated they were with him by breaking out into cheers and chants of "U-S-A, U-S-A."

The president said that in politics today, the “worst tendency” is to tell others “what they should believe based on their race or religion or color.”

“We reject the politics of division and we embrace the unity of being American,” Trump said. “We are one people, one family, and we are one nation saluting our great American flag.”