The crowd at a rally for President Trump in North Carolina on Friday chanted "CNN sucks" hours after mail bomb suspect, Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr., was arrested for his suspected role in mailing out a dozen bombs to prominent Democrats, some of which made their way to CNN's offices in New York.

The chant erupted at Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte before the start of the event. Video was shared on social media.

Trump and his allies have denied having any responsibility for the actions of the mail bomb suspect. Critics say their charged rhetoric, including calling CNN "fake news" and saying "CNN sucks," were a factor.

Asked about whether bore any blame by reporters as he departed D.C. to travel to North Carolina, Trump replied, "No, not at all. No, I mean -- not at all, no. There's no blame."

Pipe bombs were sent to several Democratic figures through the mail this week, including former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. CNN's office in New York was evacuated earlier this week due to a suspicious package sent to former CIA Director John Brennan, who is a commentator for MSNBC/NBC News, not CNN. Another package found Friday was addressed to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper at CNN.

Sayoc, of Aventura, Fla., was arrested Friday at an AutoZone store in Plantation, Fla. He has been charged with five federal crimes, interstate transportation of an explosive, illegal mailing of explosives, threats against former presidents and certain other persons, threatening interstate communications, and assaulting current and former federal officers.

The windows of his white van, which was picked by authorities, bore Pro-Trump decals one that said, "CNN Sucks.”

The "CNN sucks" chant erupted at a White House event earlier in the day, before Trump took the stage, while Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson was delivering remarks.

Trump is returning to North Carolina on Friday for a "Make America Great Again" rally to help boost GOP candidates ahead of the 2018 midterm elections less than two weeks away.