President Trump reportedly blamed former White House counsel Don McGahn for being responsible for special counsel Robert Mueller being appointed to lead the federal Russia investigation.

CNN reports Trump complained about Mueller’s appointment in 2017 to McGahn in a Oval Office final meeting before McGahn left his post at the White House.

Despite the criticism, Trump praised McGahn for other areas he oversaw during his tenure at the White House. A source familiar with the situation told CNN that McGahn’s exit was “positive” and mutual.

“Typically you would have the incumbent stay until the successor was ready to take his place,” the source said. “But in this case, McGahn was tired of the president and the president was tired of McGahn.”

“He didn’t want to stay on and the president didn’t want him to stay,” the source said.

McGahn has been subjected to several lengthy interviews with Mueller as part of the Russia investigation. The interviews irked Trump because he was unsure what McGahn shared with Mueller, CNN reported in August.

Trump has routinely derided the Mueller investigation, which is examining Russian interference in the 2016 election and whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin.

Trump announced in August that McGahn would be leaving his position in October.