President Trump boosted Vice President Mike Pence's tweeted support for Republican Senate hopeful Rep. Martha McSally on Saturday.

"Martha McSally is a great warrior, her opponent a Nancy Pelosi Wacko!" Trump tweeted.

The endorsement was among several tweets supporting Republican candidates from the president Saturday, 10 days out from the midterm elections.

McSally, a retired combat pilot, is running against Democratic challenger Rep. Kyrsten Sinema. Pence on Friday highlighted McSally's military service and voiced support for her candidacy.

"Martha is a leader in Congress, veteran of our armed forces, & advocate for America’s veterans," Pence said, in a tweet the president retweeted to his followers.

The election of either candidate, both of whom are U.S. House members, would mark the first time Arizona has elected a woman to the Senate. They are running to fill the seat vacated by Sen. Jeff Flake, a Republican.

The candidates are locked in a tight race, though McSally recently has edged slightly ahead, helped along by campaign ads showing Sinema calling Arizona the "meth lab of democracy" and another saying that it was "fine" for someone to join the Taliban.

“That was an offhand comment to direct the conversation back to what I wanted to talk about, which was my concerns around this war," Sinema told the Arizona Republic when asked about the comment. "I was against the war — 15 years later, I think there are good reasons for that.”