President Trump’s signature tax, which critics have blasted as a giveaway to the rich, has helped a majority of American taxpayers, according to a CNN anchor.

Christine Romans, a CNN correspondent and co-host of “Early Start” on Monday morning cited a Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation report saying the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, has cut taxes for 65% of Americans this year.

“Winning, well most U.S. taxpayers,” Romans said.

The Joint Committee report comes after many media commentators said the tax law was skewed toward the wealthy.

Greg Sargent, an opinion writer for the Washington Post, called the bill a “giveaway to the rich” just days before it became law.

Frank Clemente, the executive director for Americans for Tax Fairness, called the plan a “desperate” and “skewed-to-the-rich.”

Newsweek reported last fall that an internal Republican poll found that a majority of voters believed the tax cuts Trump voted for were in favor of wealthy Americans and not for the middle class.

The internal report admitted that Republicans had “lost the messaging battle on the issue.”

Trump has touted his tax cuts as part of the reason for continued economic growth in the economy.

“The recovery got started on Election Day 2016. It took Trump’s Tax Cuts and Regulation Cuts to get the economy booming. Before that it was the worst and slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression. It took just 6 months for Trump to get to 3%,” said Trump in a tweet last fall.

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