West Palm Beach, Florida — Former President Donald Trump is spending the first morning of the rest of his life in much the same way he spent his presidency: Playing golf at one of his own clubs.

After spending the night at Mar-a-Lago, his Florida residence, he left in a motorcade for the short trip to Trump International Golf Club West Palm Beach.

About a dozen SUVs, including Suburbans with blacked-out windows, could be seen pulling into the club’s driving before stopping in front of the main entrance.

Trump was not visible, but a source familiar with his movements said the former president had left Mar-a-Lago minutes earlier to play golf. No one from Trump's team was available to comment.

But the outing comes as no great surprise. A tally maintained by the Washington Post suggests he probably played 261 rounds of golf during his time as president — once every 5.6 days.

It is an estimate because the Trump White House never confirmed what Trump was doing during his golf club visits.

The West Palm Beach club was his favorite, accounting for 87 rounds.

The club is at the center of controversy as Trump’s detractors try to put pressure on the county to stop leasing the land to Trump.

Trump arrived at Mar-a-Lago on Wednesday, minutes before his successor, Joe Biden, was sworn in as president.

His motorcade crawled through the streets from Palm Beach International Airport as thousands of supporters turned out bearing signs welcoming him.

He was greeted by a noisy crowd at Mar-a-Lago itself. “Welcome home,” they chanted in a video uploaded to Instagram.