President Trump assured Americans on Friday the government is working quickly to help people in need after Hurricane Michael devastated the Florida Panhandle and parts of Georgia.

"The destruction caused by Hurricane Michael is incredible, far greater than we've seen in a long, long time," he said in a White House tweet.

"When you look a Florida, when you look at Georgia, and all the other places that were affected, what's happened is really incredible. We just haven't seen this," he said.

"But we're working hard. FEMA, first responders, law enforcement, they're all really on it. Food is being supplied, water is being supplied, electric companies are all over," Trump said. "A lot of the electricity is already back, but much of it is going to be happening in the next short while."

"So I know how tough it's been, but we're with you 100 percent. It's all getting done, and it's getting done rapidly and correctly."

The storm was one of the strongest ever to hit the U.S. coastline, and is being blamed for 13 deaths from Florida to Virginia.