For Halloween, conservative commentator Tomi Lahren mocked Kathy Griffin’s controversial photo in which the comedian posed with a fake decapitated head depicting President Trump.

Lahren, however, used a clown’s head instead of a prop resembling Trump.

“Trump Derangement Syndrome. Happy Halloween @kathygriffin,” Lahren posted on Twitter, including a photo of herself in a red wig and blue blouse.

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Griffin faced a firestorm of backlash over the photo in 2017. She originally apologized for the photo but later took back her apology.

“Also, it was a mask and ketchup, I wish I would’ve done a blow up doll. I probably could have gotten away with the whole thing with a blow up doll,” she said in April.

Griffin turned down an interview with Lahren in September, telling the commentator to “Go Fuck Yourself.”

“You and your network told me my career was over and that I was irrelevant,” she responded to the the interview request. “Now you want to interview me. Not only do I not want to waste my time with you, I’m too busy selling out shows on my US tour. Go Fuck Yourself.”