An ad released by an organization run by democratic billionaire Tom Steyer compares President Trump to some of the worlds most nefarious dictators.

The two-minute political ad, recently posted to Facebook by the group “Need to Impeach,” outlines various abuses of power and other misdeeds by world leaders such as Russia's Vladimir Putin, Iraq's Saddam Hussein, North Korea's Kim Jong Un, and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.

It describes how the men displayed narcissism, promoted nationalism cloaked in patriotism, decried or shut out the media, and created scapegoats for the problems facing the countries they lead.

“Donald Trump follows their playbook to a tee,” the ad says. “The media can barely keep up and avoids labeling him for what he really is … a malignant narcissist.”

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The video shows clips of Trump calling certain media outlets "fake news," blaming “both sides” for the violence in Charlottesville, Va., and chanting “build that wall” at a campaign rally.

The video encourages U.S. citizens to turn out and vote in a message that will “reject all that Trump stands for.”

The Republican National Committee suggested the video should be removed from Facebook. “This disgusting ad has no place running on Facebook and the absurd comparison should be condemned by all Americans," said RNC spokesman Steve Guest.

Steyer is a frequent critic of Trump and was one of nearly a dozen high-profile liberals who received a pipe bomb in the mail. The suspect is a Florida man who supports Trump and became disillusioned with Democrats.

The California mogul, who is one of the Democratic Party’s top donors, has not ruled out a presidential run in 2020.