The 38-year-old man suspected of breaking down two glass doors in an attempt to enter Fox 5 DC's studio in northwest Washington, D.C., Monday afternoon was known among reporters at the company for sending unsolicited emails to the staff, according to messages shared exclusively with the Washington Examiner.

A Fox employee who asked to remain anonymous in order to speak openly said George Odemns sent colleagues "weird ramblings" in emails sent in 2017 and 2018.

The employee shared two examples of those emails, in which Odemns discussed weapons of mass destruction and conspiracy theories.

"I a resident of Washington DC USA who still lives in the area and wanted to reach out about the growing dying need of justice with regards to the cries of social, economic and mental illness that has plague the Federal republic of United States. The federal Republic of United States Government and state government employees have manipulated themselves also others to believe they have ability to be able to do something that they can't without aiding them in a just more civilized manner," he wrote in an email dated June 19.

He went on to say the federal government gave weapons of mass destruction to local law enforcement in Washington, Maryland, and Virginia.

The second message was sent Oct. 13, 2017, and asks how a "machine that allows someone to talk on it in real time" works.


The station reported Tuesday that Odemns was charged with murder in 2002 but the case never went to trial.

The suspected intruder at WTTG tried to break through the two sets of glass doors at the front of the building on the corner of Harrison Street and Wisconsin Avenue NW shortly after 3 p.m. ET on Monday.

Video aired on Fox 5 showed a man in a red sweatshirt standing with his back to the first glass door kick his foot into the glass, breaking it. He then walked through to the second set of doors which he also kicked through.

Reporters said one of the two security guards then shot the suspect.

Police have not shared what they believe was the suspect's motive. Commander Melvin Gresham confirmed during a press briefing that the suspect did not have a gun on him.

One reporter, Marina Marraco, said on air the man appeared to be having "some sort of mental episode" prior to being shot in the chest.