A female student is suspected of physically assaulting College Republicans president John Rice-Cameron, the son of former U.S national security adviser under President Barack Obama, Susan Rice, according to a report.

Although it could not be confirmed, the Stanford Daily reported that the call to police came from Rice-Cameron, who was said to have been running a “Change My Mind” stand on campus at Stanford University Tuesday.

The alleged victim, a male student, said that the suspect shoved him in the chest with her hand while he was helping monitor a stand that invited students to change the College Republican members’ minds on their belief that Justice Brett Kavanaugh is innocent of sexual assault allegations until proven guilty.

“At the request of the victim, the suspect was placed under a Private Person Arrest by the Deputies and issued a citation,” Bill Larson, the public information officer with Stanford University’s Department of Public Safety, said.

The student was arrested for battery, and Larson says the District Attorney’s Office will review the case and determine further action.

The idea behind a “Change My Mind” stand comes from conservative Steven Crowder, who created the concept to hold long-form conversations on controversial topics with people who disagreed with him. The concept has been turned into a meme.

Several witnesses told the Stanford Daily that the female student touched Rice-Cameron without force. Larson could not identify the alleged victim. “[There was] no obvious physical injury,” Larson said, adding that the alleged victim declined a physical evaluation from paramedics.

Rice-Cameron told Fox News in early June that the Tea Party movement inspired him to move away from his parents’ politics and become a conservative.

Fox notes that Rice was one of the most unpopular Obama administration officials among conservatives and Republicans.