Porn star Stormy Daniels feared her husband would kill himself if she told him the truth about her alleged sexual encounter with President Trump, the porn star wrote in her new book out Tuesday.

Daniels, who claimed she had sex with Trump in July 2006, detailed in her forthcoming memoir “Full Disclosure" the pressure she felt to come forward as Trump advanced toward the White House.

She signed a nondisclosure agreement just days before Election Day that required her silence about the alleged tryst. She wrote that she talked to friends about the matter but lied to her husband, Glendon Crain.

Daniels said she saw the $130,000 nondisclosure agreement as a way out of telling her husband, from whom she is now separated. But she had to divulge some details about her night with Trump to her husband so that the money could be wired into Crain’s bank account.

“Look, I’m getting this money from Donald Trump because I was in a hotel with him,” Daniels said she told Crain. “Nothing happened, but his wife would get mad, and having dinner with a porn star would look bad.”

Daniels said Crain believed her story. “I had never lied to him before, so it didn’t occur to him to question it,” she said.

More than a year later, Crain found out about the alleged affair after the Wall Street Journal published a story about the payoff. Reporters had swarmed their house in Texas seeking more details.

“Stormy, what the hell is going on?” Crain asked her.

“It’s not really true,” she responded, urging him to keep the television off.

Daniels decided to tell the truth when In Touch magazine published a 2011 interview in which she gave intimate details about the alleged affair.

“Yes it happened,” she told him. “Once. And it was before we met.”

"Everyone knew but me!” her husband said, according to the book. She told Crain she was worried if she told the truth, he would have hurt himself.

For the rest of their young daughter’s life, Daniels wrote, “she’d have to live with ‘When my mom told my dad what she did, he killed himself.’”

After the birth of their daughter, Crain became severely emotional in response to “painful memories from his childhood,” and he had told her “he had thoughts of suicide.” He coped by abusing alcohol, she wrote.

Crain, who also works in the adult entertainment industry, filed for divorce from Daniels in July. The two had been married since 2015.

A lawyer for Crain did not respond to the Washington Examiner’s request for comment.

Daniels' book goes on sale Tuesday.