There is still hope for Republicans to control Congress after the midterm elections, despite what pollsters say, because surveys aren't accurately capturing President Trump's support base, according to former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Bannon equated the state of surveys today to the widespread 2016 misfire of polls, which overwhelmingly forecast Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to win.

“Even people that had voted for Donald Trump [in 2016] were unwilling to tell pollsters that they had done it," Bannon told John Catsimatidis during an interview with "The Cats Roundtable" airing Sunday, referring to exit polls on Election Day initially suggesting Clinton was in a good position to claim the White House.

"I think you’re seeing that again," Bannon said. "I think the polls are understated for the Trump voters."

Despite many pollsters predicting Democrats will flip the House while the GOP will maintain its majority in the Senate, Bannon had a more optimistic outlook for Republicans in the lower chamber.

"We’ll hold [the Senate], pick up maybe two or three seats. The House, I can say, it is a complete dogfight. It can go either way. Right now, I think there are 25 seats that are clearly up for grabs," he said. "If Trump voters turn out, I actually think we’ll hold the House."