Sri Lanka police said Saturday they found 15 dead bodies in a raid on a house of militants tied to the Easter bombings.

Ruwan Gunasekara, a spokesman with the Sri Lanka police, reported that figure included six children. Soldiers and suspected militants linked to the bombings had exchanged gunfire near Sammanthurai.

The raid occurred Friday after police told the military about a safehouse where militants opened fire on troops and set off three separate explosions, which wounded at least three other people.

Gunasekara said among the dead were likely militant suicide bombers, and the military stated that at least one civilian was killed.

The raid comes as more than 250 people, including four Americans, were killed in multiple bomb attacks on Christian churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. Another 500 people suffered injuries in the six attacks, authorities reported. About 7% of the nation's population is Christian.

The Islamic State later claimed credit for the attack.