Loyal Johnny Depp fans have flooded the Google reviews of Amber Heard's expert witnesses who testified in the celebrity divorcees' heated defamation trial Monday.

Hundreds of new reviews appeared in a matter of hours Monday under both Dr. David Spiegel's and Dr. Richard Moore's review sections on Google, most of which are overwhelmingly negative.

Spiegel only had three reviews before feeling the wrath of pro-Depp reviewers. His page now boasts 414 reviews, and his average rating is 1.3 stars.

"It's my honest opinion this man should be getting therapy himself not giving it," one user wrote. The review garnered 472 thumbs-ups.


"What an arrogant, unprofessional, narcissistic person! Revoke his license! He is a danger to people with or without mental health issues, an abomination, if you will," another chimed in, receiving 95 thumbs-ups.

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expert witness reviews screenshot/ google

Another reviewer said, "Just based on his attitude and the way he has carried himself for the defense and prosecution, he seems unstable. He actually makes me anxious in the way he speaks. Sorry but this is a great way to see how a doctor would handle himself with you. Imagine disagreeing or just asking questions, how he doesn’t seem like someone with empathy and patience as a doctor," receiving 105 thumbs-ups.

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review for expert witness screenshot/ google

Moore similarly received several negative reviews after testifying. He currently has 206 reviews, and his average rating is 3.7.

"I'm unaware of any other doctor who could correctly and confidentially diagnose how someone obtained an injury via a few pictures. Dr. Moore has risked his career on his opinion on said pictures and didn't see the injury at hand," one reviewer wrote, boasting 27 thumbs-ups.

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expert witness reviews screenshot/ google


Another user added, "Looks like he does great with his patients but watching the trial today he appears to be all willing to forgo that for the money...his testimony was not as bad as others but frankly off putting he would provide testimony on an event he didn't see didn't treat didnt evaluate didn't take in all evidence provided to make an educated medical opinion. He got paid alot to agree to amber heards opinion. He may be great at what he does...but I question his character now," garnering 21 thumbs-ups.

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expert witness reviews Screenshot / google