Sebastian Gorka is either a little lost or just wanted a perfect setting for a Twitter video.

The former national security aide to President Trump posted a video on Twitter Sunday featuring him driving a rented Ford Mustang convertible and saying he was on his way to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library to give a speech.

The video shows him driving on the Golden Gate Bridge.

There’s only one problem: You don’t cross the Golden Gate Bridge to get from San Francisco International Airport to the Reagan Library.

From the airport, you have to drive north to cross the bridge. The library is south.

“I pick up my rental at my favorite company. Of course, it's a Mustang,” Gorka says in the video, before describing an encounter with an Asian-American who is finally able to afford to live in California due to the tax cuts but now wants to move because "this state is insane."

Gorka is scheduled to give a talk on his new book, Why We Fight: Recovering America's Will to Win, Monday evening at the library's Air Force One Pavilion.

Gorka is known for his flashy car and love of Mustangs, most notably when he left the administration and was seen putting belongings into his car near the White House.

In April 2017, when it was first reported that he was leaving the White House, the Washington Examiner quoted a White House source who questioned how Gorka had been spending his time in the administration.

"The source said Gorka's only known duties included speaking on television about counterterrorism, as well as 'giving White House tours and peeling out in his Mustang,' but added that he had few notable responsibilities," the story said at the time.

Then in October, his parking abilities became the subject of Twitter speculation after his car was seen parked on a sidewalk in Arlington, Va.

And in January, comedian James Adomian lampooned Gorka's antics in his Mustang after news broke that a Hungarian arrest warrant had been issued for Gorka based on a weapons charge.

Hungary later appeared to drop the charge.