Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka said Tuesday that a left-wing suggestion that President Trump was a Nazi was an insult to people who lived under Nazi occupation and the millions of Americans who fought to free Europe.

Gorka was reacting to Elie Mystal, editor of the Above the Law legal blog, who wondered on MSNBC whether America might see a "thousand-year reich" under Republicans.

"I don't know who this person is," Gorka said on Fox News. "We're used to the crazies, but that's an insult. That's an insult to people like my parents, who lived under Nazi occupation. My parents were children when the Nazis took over Hungary."

"You know what that's an insult to? That's an insult to the ten million-plus Americans who were GIs, who fought fascism, many of whom died," he said. "It's unconscionable."

"If Donald Trump were the great dictator that they paint him to be, this person would be locked up," he added.