Fox News host Sean Hannity said Wednesday that a "great" question to ask President Trump after the 2018 midterm elections would be about the mysterious Area 51 in Nevada.

During the hand-off from Tucker Carlson's show, Hannity quipped, amid laughter, that he would "try to" ask the president himself "for everybody's sake."

Hannity is a routine interviewer of Trump, who favors Fox News over most other outlets.

Area 51 is a classified Nevada base long rumored to be a home for extraterrestrial life. The topic came up at the end of Carlson's show regarding reports of a Google Earth "blind spot" over the area.

While it's unclear what Trump would say, during the 2016 campaign, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speculated that Earth may have already been visited by aliens and vowed to look into Area 51. She also said her campaign chairman, John Podesta, is an alien enthusiast who "made me personally pledge we are going to get the information out."