Rust assistant director Dave Halls corroborated actor Alec Baldwin's claim that he did not pull the trigger in the fatal movie set incident.

Lisa Torraco, Halls's lawyer, said Halls always maintained that Baldwin did not have his finger on the trigger when the gun went off. The assistant director was just feet away from Baldwin when the gun went off in October, fatally striking cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza.

"[Halls said] the entire time, Baldwin had his finger outside the trigger guard parallel to the barrel and that he told me since day one he thought it was a misfire," Torraco told ABC News Thursday. "Until Alec said that, it was really hard to believe."


Seth Kenney, owner of PDQ Arm & Prop, which supplied the gun and ammunition for the set of Rust, said the ammunition authorities seized from his business does not match the one used in the shooting.

"They found four rounds that were close enough to take in with them. They're not a match, but they were close," he said. "We've got to wait for the FBI to do its job."

A recent search warrant indicated Kenney told authorities he initially believed the bullets may have matched reloaded ammunition he got "several years back from a friend."

Kenney told the outlet it is not possible that PDQ accidentally sent live rounds to the set of Rust. He also said there were other dummy rounds provided to the set from other sources that have not been accounted for.

"It's not a possibility that they came from PDQ or from myself personally," he said. "When we send dummy rounds out, they get individually rattle tested before they get sent out."

Thell Reed, the father of Rust movie set armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, told authorities he brought live ammunition to Kenney while Kenney was working on live gun training for another movie. Reed suspected the bullet fired on the set may match those bullets.

Baldwin insisted in a promo for an upcoming ABC interview that he did not pull the trigger, though it is unclear how the gun went off.

“The trigger wasn’t pulled. I didn’t pull the trigger,” Baldwin said. “I would never point a gun at anyone and pull the trigger on them — never.”


On Oct. 21, Baldwin was in New Mexico on the set of Rust when the gun he was holding went off. A search warrant filed in October suggested that Halls handed Baldwin the gun and announced that it was a "cold gun," and he told authorities that he believed the gun was cold.

Torraco said she thinks it is very unlikely that Halls will face criminal charges over the incident.