A military base near the Polish border in Ukraine was targeted in a Russian missile attack Tuesday morning that may be the heaviest strike in the western part of the country since the start of the war, according to Ukrainian officials.

Explosions rocked the city of Lviv shortly after midnight local time as air raid sirens sent residents scrambling for shelter. The incoming missiles struck railway infrastructure near a military base in the Yavoriv district, about 25 miles from the city center, according to the head of the Lviv regional military administration. The official added that air defense systems "worked," intercepting three of the missiles, according to preliminary information. The base is located about 9 miles from the border with Poland.

"Lviv is under heavy attack right now. Friends say it has never been this loud. This is WEST Ukraine. Very close to Poland," Ukrainian Member of Parliament Lesia Vasylenko reported on Twitter shortly after the attack.

The mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi, asked residents to stay in bomb shelters during the attack and confirmed the sound of explosions in the city. He later clarified that "missiles hitting the city are not confirmed."


"The object of military infrastructure in the territory of Yavoriv district, almost on the border with Poland, was fired upon again," Lviv regional military administration chief Maksym Kozytsky said on Telegram.

"According to preliminary information, our air defense system has worked. Data are being updated," he said, asking residents not to ignore air raid sirens.

A member of CNN's team in Lviv said that air defenses were "lighting up" the northwest of the city — in the direction of the Yavoriv base.

Kozytsky provided an update several hours after the attack, saying that the Lviv Railway regional branch in the Yavoriv district was damaged by missiles. 

"There is no information on injuries or deaths. Rockets flew from the east. Three of them were shot down by air defense units of PvK 'West,'" Kozytsky said.

Video shared on social media reportedly from the Lviv area showed what appeared to be a missile streaking across the night sky, followed by an explosion.

Another Ukrainian member of parliament, Inna Sovsun, said on Twitter that she has heard reports of several "huge" explosions in the city in the middle of the night and said Tuesday's attack was "the biggest missile strike in Lviv" since the start of the war.

The Yavoriv base was the site of a deadly Russian missile attack in March that killed more than 30 people.


Several sites closer to the Lviv city center have also been hit by Russian missiles since the Feb. 24 invasion, including a railway station and an aircraft parts facility.