Nearly 100 people gathered outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh this weekend to protest the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade.

The Saturday evening demonstration, described by organizers as a "candlelight vigil" for the landmark abortion ruling, began at a local cafe in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Protesters met there before marching to the homes of the two conservative justices, where the crowd could be heard chanting phrases like "keep abortion safe and legal." The protest comes less than one week after the leak of a draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito that showcased the court's potential plans to overturn Roe.

The group of demonstrators, carrying signs and chanting slogans like "my body, my choice," went to Kavanaugh's home first before making the trek to Roberts' residence, which is about a half-mile away. Protesters then returned to Kavanaugh's house, where police ordered them to leave the area.


Security could be seen guarding the homes of both justices. It was not clear if either of the men or their families were home on Saturday.

The draft, which suggests that the conservative majority court is on the precipice of overturning the ruling in Roe, a 1973 case that legalized abortions nationwide, has sparked outrage on both sides of the aisle, though for different reasons. While those on the Right, as well as some on the Left, have focused on the shocking nature of the leak, Democrats have been more concerned that the nation's highest court will allow states to limit abortion access severely.

Protests have taken place since Monday on the steps of the court and outside of state capitols nationwide. Security fencing was put up around the court on Wednesday evening amid concerns about the intense demonstrations taking place just outside. Saturday marked the first time demonstrators had gathered outside the homes of the justices since the draft was leaked. Another similar demonstration is already planned for Monday night in front of the home of Justice Alito, organized by left-wing group ShutDown DC.


Kavanaugh has been silent since the Monday bombshell. Roberts, however, has decried the leak as "absolutely appalling" and called "the person" or "people" responsible for the leak "foolish" if they thought their behavior would impact the court's work.