Pete Buttigieg doubts Bernie Sanders’ chances of beating President Trump in 2020.

Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind., told the New York Times his Democratic primary opponent’s leftist proposals are not as edgy as they were during the 2016 campaign.

“People were refreshed by the novelty of that boldness,” Buttigieg said of the Vermont senator, also questioning whether a 77-year-old democratic socialist could win a general election.

“I have a hard time seeing the coalition ultimately coming together there,” he said.

Sanders’ campaign manager Faiz Shakir dismissed Buttigieg’s comments, saying the senator has a “unifying progressive agenda” that makes him “the best-positioned candidate to defeat Donald Trump in the general election.”

Buttigieg, 37, also recently compared Trump voters with those who voted for Sanders in 2016.

Both blocs wanted to “blow up the system,” he said. “Which could lead you to somebody like Bernie and it could lead you to somebody like Trump. That’s how we got where we are.”

Buttigieg and Sanders are among nearly two dozen Democratic candidates running for the party’s nomination in 2020.