The New York Times' office on Wednesday was surrounded by large concrete blocks that say "NYPD" on them outside of its headquarters in Manhattan as a part of an enhanced security measure, a spokeswoman for the paper told the Washington Examiner.

The barriers were placed there as "part of our continuing efforts to enhance security at our headquarters building," said Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy in an email. She said they were placed there on Wednesday but that they aren't in response to any new or specific threat.

Alastair Coote, who works for the Times, posted a picture Wednesday on Twitter that showed at least five white blocks, which he identified as concrete, stationed in front of the Times' glass-door entrance.

The paper's left-leaning editorial board opposes President Trump's proposal to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

In April, the Times called Trump's border wall proposal, a mainstay of his 2016 campaign, "irrational" and "extraneous." The paper also opposed his order to place more National Guard troops on the border.

"Like so many of the president’s decisions, the one to put troops on the border seems impulsive, spiteful and politically motivated," it said.