The Navy no longer posts crash data for aircraft on its website for the public to see amid a high number of crashes in the Navy and Marine Corps.

Detailed summaries on accidents, statistics on incidents pertaining to a range of aircraft, broader comparative data, as well as safety reports and studies, have disappeared from the Naval Safety Center's public website, the Atlantic reported Monday.

The information was removed from the Naval Safety Center, the Navy's command promoting safety, sometime between January and March, the outlet reported.

April Phillips, a Naval Safety Center spokeswoman, told the Atlantic the data was still accessible for people who hold a Department of Defense Common Access Card, which requires sponsorship from a DoD official or employee, or by requesting it from the center.

Phillips did not immediately respond to the Washington Examiner's inquiry into why the statistics were put behind a wall, but she told the Atlantic it was a mix of a site redesign and security concerns.

"The decision was made to leave the overall statistics file containing Class A mishap information for the last 10 years for public transparency," Phillips wrote in an email.

“When you aggregate so much information in one place, bits and pieces of that can be compiled by those who wish us harm to make inferences and gain intel," she added in a separate note.

Military aviation accidents in May reached a six-year high in terms of the number of incidents and lives lost after 35 people died in 2018 in 12 mishaps, the Military Times reported.

The Navy had the worst track record in 2018 of all the branches, reporting an 82 percent increase in aircraft-related accidents across its fleet, according to DOD data.