MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle said rapper Kanye West's Thursday appearance at the White House amounted to an "assault on our White House."

West met President Trump for lunch to discuss different policy issues, including the high crime rate in Chicago. Before the lunch, however, Trump invited in reporters and cameras for comments from himself, West, and other guests.

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West engaged in a 10-minute long monologue on a range of issues that included manufacturing in America, his love for Trump, and a critique of what he called a government system, let by the Democratic Party, that has depressed black communities.

"That was an assault on our White House," said Ruhle on her daytime show with co-host Ali Velshi after the event ended.

"That was crazy. That was bonkers," replied Velshi.

PBS correspondent Yamishi Alcindor, a guest on the show, said West appealed to "stereotypes" about blacks shirking responsibility and called it "the height of offense."

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