The FBI has yet to contact one of the women who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, her lawyer said Tuesday.

Attorney Michael Avenatti said Julie Swetnick has not heard from the FBI as part of its one-week investigation before the Senate votes on confirmation.

“No. Despite our repeated requests and those of Sen. Collins, we have heard nothing. We have been asking for an FBI investigation into Julie's allegations for 8 days. Still crickets,” Avenatti said on Twitter on Tuesday.

Swetnick became the third woman to publicly accuse Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct from decades earlier.

In a sworn statement last week, Swetnick, 55, said that in the early 1980s, Kavanaugh — who was a teenager at the time — would spike girls’ drinks at house parties with others "so as to cause girls to lose their inhibitions and their ability to say 'no.'"

After Swetnick's allegations surfaced, Kavanaugh flatly denied them in a statement, calling them “ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone."

But in an interview Monday, Swetnick gave details that seemed to deviate from her sworn declaration.

Avenatti said following the interview with NBC News that Swetnick ”has offered to take a polygraph test, meet with the FBI and be cross examined by Kavanaugh's lawyers."

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Kavanaugh has also declined the allegations of Christine Blasey Ford, who testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week that Kavanaugh held her down and tried to take off her clothes at a house party in Maryland in 1982.

A second accuser, Deborah Ramirez, has claimed that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a drunken party when they were freshmen at Yale University.

On Friday, President Trump directed the FBI to conduct a supplemental background investigation of Kavanaugh that is slated to last one week.

So far, the FBI has interviewed:

  • Ramirez
  • Mark Judge, a friend of Kavanaugh who Ford alleges was in the room during the assault
  • Leyland Keyser, a longtime friend of Ford who Ford said was at the party
  • Patrick “P.J.” Smyth, who Ford says was also at the party