Michael Avenatti, lawyer to porn star Stormy Daniels in her legal battle against President Trump, said he was informed by federal law enforcement that he was a possible target of the man suspected of sending pipe bombs in the mail to prominent Democratic figures last week.

“I was informed this afternoon by the FBI that I was targeted by Cesar Sayoc,” Avenatti tweeted Tuesday evening. “I applaud the hard working men and women of the FBI for his arrest and their continuing investigation. At some point, Trump will be held accountable for his role in the events of the last few weeks.”

Investigators said they found a “hit list” of more than 100 potential targets in Cesar Sayoc’s van that was seized in an AutoZone parking lot Friday, but the names on that list have not been revealed.

Avenatti told the Daily Mail that federal law enforcement told him that Sayoc, who faces charges including mailing explosives and threatening former presidents, was digging for information about the lawyer and his family. He also provided documentation that confirms he was contacted by the FBI field office in California.

“I was also informed that they do not yet know if a bomb was actually sent,” Avenatti said, suggesting that he could still be in danger of receiving one of the bomb packages. “[O]ne may still be in transit, so I need to be diligent and take precautions.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray said Friday that even though none of the known devices were detonated, there could be other packages still in transit.

Avenatti has been on the campaign trail for Democrats competing in the 2018 midterm elections and has floated his interest in a 2020 presidential bid.