First lady Melania Trump reportedly said this morning she sometimes tells the president to put down his phone.

The first lady, who is in Egypt at the final stop on her first solo international trip, to Africa, spoke to reporters in front of the Sphinx.

"I don't always agree what he tweets," she said, according to the Associated Press. "And I tell him that. I give him my honest opinion and honest advice. And sometimes he listens, and sometimes he doesn't. But I have my own voice and my opinions, and it's very important for me that I express what I feel."

When she was asked about having ever told her husband to put down his phone, she reportedly laughed and replied, "Yes."

The first lady's "Be Best" initiative, which is the focus of her Africa tour, incorporates dealing with cyberbullying as part of its mission to help children's well-being.

The president, who had reportedly wanted the first lady's initiative to focus on something other than bullying, tweeted his support of the first lady's four-country trip earlier this week, saying "The people love her, and she loves them! It's is a beautiful thing to see."

As part of her initiative, she had earlier in the week donated more than a million books, along with soccer balls and blankets, in Malawi as well as visiting Ghana and Kenya.