Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Renacci called masking requirements in school child abuse.

Renacci tweeted a statement in response to the Ohio Hospital Association and Ohio Children’s Hospital Association’s call to have students wear masks once they return from winter break.

“Let's be honest — masking our kids in schools for 8 hours a day is child abuse,” Renacci said. “Kids need to breathe properly, interact with others and to be heard. The long-term educational and psychological ramifications of these reckless policies are abhorrent.”

The Ohio Hospital Association and the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association released a letter on Tuesday noting the spike in omicron cases.

“To those who do not currently have a mask requirement, we respectfully ask that you consider one as your students return after holiday break,” the hospital associations’ letter stated. “Health experts around Ohio have recommended Ohio schools have masking policies until more students get vaccinated.”

Renacci called on current Republican Ohio Gov, Mike DeWine to condemn the recommendation.

“My running mate, Joe Knopp, along with countless other parents, have already seen first hand what these policies do to our kids,” Renacci stated. “I stand with Ohio’s parents, and say no more!”

DeWine has supported wearing masks, even sporting one in his Twitter profile photo for most of 2020 and 2021.

“Mike DeWine, 233 days ago: 4-6 weeks of masks and we can take down COVID-19! Mike DeWine, today: Masks forever! Impeach. Throw him out,” journalist Jordan Schachtel said on Twitter this past March after DeWine blasted other Republican governors who ended mask mandates.


Governors across the United States, especially those who are Democratic, are bracing themselves for tough midterm elections noting people’s frustrations with the pandemic, according to a Politico report.