House Republicans appeared Wednesday evening to be edging toward compelling Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein to answer questions on whether he talked about rallying members of President Trump's Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment against the president.

“At this point, if the Deputy Attorney General will not show up voluntarily, it is abundantly clear we need to subpoena him," Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., said in a statement. "Failure to compel testimony on these questions would amount to a dereliction of duty on the part of Congress.”

GOP House lawmakers and Rosenstein were reportedly set to meet Thursday to discuss whether he floated the idea of secretly wearing a wire to record any incriminating conversations with Trump as part of a broader effort to potentially remove the president from office. But a House Judiciary Committee aide told the Washington Examiner Wednesday the panel was yet to confirm a date and terms for the sit-down.

Meadows added Wednesday night the lack of agreement was "disappointing," "to put it mildly."

“The deputy attorney general owes the American people answers about whether he participated in any conversations or decisions seeking to undermine President Trump’s administration from within," he said. "There is reason to be deeply concerned he did."

The New York Times, which first reported the Rosenstein story, relied on memos by former FBI acting Director Andrew McCabe to help authenticate its article. Sources told the Washington Post and NBC News that Rosenstein's comments were made in jest.