The identity of the Supreme Court leaker will be revealed in "short order," according to Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo.

The host of Sunday Morning Futures made the prediction, previewing her show, following the reveal of a draft opinion indicating Roe v. Wade will soon be overturned.

"We are going to know who leaked that draft opinion in short order," she said on Fox News.

"I’ve got [Sen.] Ted Cruz on the show today, and he basically walked me through it yesterday when we were talking about today’s appearance — that there is — it's really a small group, 12 people," Bartiromo added. "Because it’s three liberal justices that have four law clerks each, a pool of 12 people that people are looking at right now. There is an investigation underway."

The opinion revealed on Monday is not final, and votes among the justices might change before a ruling is dealt in the coming months. The leak prompted Chief Justice John Roberts to order an investigation by the marshal of the court. In a statement, the court confirmed the draft that was leaked is "authentic" but stressed it does "not represent a decision by the Court."


Another journalist, NPR's Nina Totenberg, surmised the leak most likely came from the conservative side of the Supreme Court. "The leading theory is a conservative clerk who was afraid that one of the conservatives might be persuaded by Chief Justice Roberts to join a much more moderate opinion," Totenberg said during an appearance Sunday on ABC's This Week.

Bartiromo also condemned the pro-abortion protests outside justices' homes, calling them "disgusting," and accused the White House of "ignoring" the danger brought by the unrest.