A man from North Carolina broke the Guinness world record for attending home games for all 32 NFL teams in the shortest span of time — just 74 days.

Ryan Bailey's attendance at the Minnesota Vikings' game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Thursday was the clincher. He beat the previous record of attending every team's home game by 10 days.

"I love traveling, and I like to take things to the extreme," Bailey, a 32-year-old who lives in North Carolina, said in a Vikings press release. "So it's a level of insanity mixed in with my love of football."


Bailey, who has a remote marketing job, said the journey was difficult to plan out.

Packers Vikings Football
Players get set on the line of scrimmage during the first half of an NFL football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers, Sunday, Nov. 21, 2021, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Bruce Kluckhohn)

"If you're just an average football fan or average travel fanatic, you might not make it. It was definitely tough," Bailey said. "Some people have trouble making their schedule for a week. Imagine crunching minutes and seconds for 74 days. There is no wasted time."

NFL games are held Monday and Thursday nights and begin at 1 p.m. Sundays, so the logistics of flights and making sure that games on Sunday and Monday nights were close enough together for a short flight factored into the planning, Bailey said.

Bailey refereed high school lacrosse every Saturday, which meant on multiple occasions he would hop a flight Thursday to see an NFL game and then fly back to Charlotte, North Carolina, by Saturday. He would then hop on a flight Saturday night for a game Sunday and then take a shorter flight Monday to his next game before going back to Charlotte. He attended three games in five days nine times in the past few months.

Bailey said he specifically chose attending home games for every team rather than just visiting every stadium. That meant repeat visits to two stadiums for two teams: the New York Giants and Jets at MetLife Stadium and the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers at SoFi Stadium.

The previous world record belonged to Jacob Blangsted-Barnor, who attended home games at every stadium in 2019 in a span of 84 days.


After committing to such a hectic schedule, Bailey said a break from the NFL is the furthest thing from his mind. In fact, he hopes to see more games during the playoff season and end with the Super Bowl.

"First, I broke a Guinness world record," Bailey said. "Now, hopefully the Super Bowl is next to knock off another item on my bucket list."