Parents in Loudoun County left hundreds of shoes outside of a school administration building on Monday morning as part of a demonstration calling for an increase in parental rights, children's safety, and medical freedom.

The demonstration was hosted by Citizens for Freedom, a Loudoun County-based parent group, according to the Daily Caller. Around 650 shoes were placed outside of the Loudoun County Public Schools administrative office's building, signifying a rise in the number of families and teachers considering leaving the public school system after a wave of scandals this past year.

"If [the district does] not respect our parental rights, focus on our children's safety, respect our medical freedom and end the in-class indoctrination of our kids we will be forced to choose alternative means of education," Megan Rafalski, one of the members of Citizens for Freedom and an organizer for the event said to the outlet.


The "hundreds of shoes" that were placed "in front of the offices on Monday morning before 7 a.m.," were done so in order to send a "visual message" to administrators, the school board, and the superintendent of Loudoun County, as well as to the Virginia Department of Education, according to a press release from Elicia Brand, a lawyer from Loudoun County.

"Families and teachers will continue to leave en masse from Loudoun County Public Schools as a result of the lack of focus on Education and Safety for students, as well as total disregard for Parental Rights and the sanctity of our families," the press release continued.

Brand told the outlet that the school board in the county is "steadfast in doing what they can do instead of doing what they should do," labeling them as being activists.

"What they should do is focus on providing only the highest standards of education in reading, writing, arithmetic, history, science, and the arts," without pushing "political ideology and private interest group agendas."


Over the past several months, Loudoun County administrators, the school board, and the superintendent have received backlash from concerned parents in the wake of several scandals involving sexual assault, cover-ups surrounding the sexual assault, and differences in opinions regarding the teaching of critical race theory.

Additionally, the school board received attention after a fight in March between a parent fighting over curriculum and members advocating for CRT. It was revealed that several school board members had created a Facebook group in which they targeted parents who opposed CRT being taught.

The Washington Examiner reached out to Elicia Brand and Citizens for Freedom for a statement but did not receive a response back.