Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs deleted a tweet Thursday suggesting that the suspicious packages containing potentially explosive devices mailed to prominent Democrats were “fake bombs.”

“Fake News--Fake Bombs,” Dobbs tweeted Thursday morning, then later deleted. “Who could possibly benefit by so much fakery?”

A few hours later, Dobbs posted another now-deleted tweet that address the bombs without calling them fake, but still addressing the “fake news.”

“Fake News has just successfully changed the narrative from the onslaught of illegal immigration and broken border security to suspicious packages,’” Dobbs tweeted. “Let’s get back to Left-Wing driven Caravans and the Dimms who encourage them.”

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Spokespeople would not comment on whether Dobbs’ comments aligned with Fox Business’ network standards, but instead pointed to Dobbs deleting the tweet and indicating that he would talk about the issue on his show Thursday night.

“On Lou Dobbs Tonight I'll take up why FBI and ATF hasn't informed the public about contents of "suspicious packages": whether hoax or bombs, they were clearly designed to influence election. Why?” Dobbs tweeted after deleting his previous two tweets.

Packages have been found addressed to prominent Democrats including former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Democratic mega-donor George Soros, actor Robert De Niro, and Rep. Maxine Waters. A package addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan was delivered to CNN offices in New York.

The FBI is investigating the devices included in the packages.