Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Thursday that some "nut job" sent suspicious packages with potential bombs to high-profile Democrats, brushing off complaints that President Trump's pointed rhetoric is to blame.

“About the nut-job sending bombs in the mail –- Simply put, this is NOT the way we do business in America,” Graham tweeted. “I didn’t blame Bernie Sanders when a Bernie supporter shot Congressman Steve Scalise. And I’m not going to blame President Trump for this nut job.”

Since Monday, nearly a dozen suspicious packages including potentially explosive devices have been mailed to the homes and offices of prominent Democratic political figures, actors and media organizations -- all of whom have been critical of Trump at one point or another.

The FBI and Secret Service continue to investigate the incidents.

After yesterday’s flurry of bomb-related news, the president became the target of blame suggesting his rhetoric and constant outspoken animosity for Democrats and “fake news” media inspired the plot.

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Graham, who in his tweet referenced the politically-motivated shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise during a congressional baseball practice last summer, is in most cases an ardent defender of Trump and his administration.