A boat with a "Let's go Brandon" theme had its holiday boat parade award taken away on Saturday due to its political messaging, which poked fun at President Joe Biden.

Bill Berger, captain of the 50-foot vessel with two banners, one reading "Let's go Brandon" and the other "FJB," said his best-in-show victory at the Yorktown Lighted Boat Parade in Virginia was short-lived when he got a call two days later.

"They had the awards ceremony, and they presented me winning the best in show, and 48 hours later I got the phone call I was disqualified. ... They said my boat was too political," Berger said, according to CBS 17.


With the title and prize now going to the runner-up, the director for the foundation, Walt Akers, said he's "made more apologies in the last 48 hours than for the rest" of his life.

"At this past weekend's Lighted Boat Parade an incident occurred that we regret," the foundation wrote on Facebook. "A boat participating in the parade had, as part of its decorations, an overt political statement that was not in keeping with the intended spirit of the holiday season."

The post said that because the parade is hosted by the Yorktown Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit group, the parade is "apolitical and must remain outside of politics."

"To all the spectators in Yorktown on Saturday night, we apologize about the disruption to the holiday festivities, and we especially apologize to our family and friends in attendance that may have had to explain to their children the political nature of the message," the message said.


Several residents expressed their dissatisfaction at Berger's decorations on his boat, with one York County resident, Teri Hodson, labeling it as "disheartening," according to the Daily Press.

The "Let's go Brandon" phrase originated Oct. 2 in an interview between an NBC News sports reporter and Brandon Brown, a NASCAR driver. NASCAR fans behind the reporter chanted, "F*** Joe Biden," but she reported it as "Let's go Brandon."

Berger claims his "FJB" sign stood for "Falling Joe Biden."

The Washington Examiner reached out to the Yorktown Lighted Boat Parade for a statement.